Environmental Policy

This environmental policy statement has been developed by the Directors of Urban Element with the help of an independent consultant. We seek to reduce our impact on the environment where possible as part of our commitment to running a profitable, sustainable business, which we want to lead the internet solutions category.

Our commitments include:

  • We will schedule and conduct an environmental review at least yearly, with an auditing programme designed to measure our progress and deliver continual improvement.
  • Our aim is to not produce, emit or discharge any waste or pollution where possible or consume unnecessarily.
  • We aspire to run a paperless office – an ambition we are making significant progress towards
  • All our server usage will be offset through accredited projects
  • We will keep local working central to our operations
  • We seek to maintain an understanding of improving technologies and environmental regulation relevant to our business, so we can manage our activities in accordance with those and be at the forefront of good practice.
  • This policy is shared with everyone working for and on behalf of Urban Element
  • Urban Element will continue to innovate in the ways we reduce environmental impact and launch products that support this aim.


Signed Jon Ellard
Jon Ellard
Managing Director – Urban Element

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