Clear Tracking

R3-Online is a recycling solution that allows for the tracking of items from donation through to collection, refurbishment and sales.

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Gift Aid Compatible

The environmental software is designed to enhance Gift Aid data collection and traceability, helping you to collect more income.

Furniture Reuse Network

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Flexible Online Software

The R3-Online application can be used by multiple users from multiple locations at any one time – meaning you know which items are at which stage of processing through which sites. This means that you could sell items without them even being on the sales floor!

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Secure System

For your peace of mind, data is protected and securely backed up offsite. Users of our environmental software have access privileges set up meaning that you can vary the level of access that they have to different parts of the system.

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Automated Functionality

Many of the manual tasks required in furniture recycling and WEEE compliance are automated through R3-Online.

  • Reporting of information
  • Generating driver collection and delivery schedules
  • Tracking location of items
  • Producing donor letters
  • Producing invoices
  • Labelling items
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AIMS Technology – handheld barcode scanners

It is the combination of the environmental software and the hand-held barcode scanners that ensure R3-Online performs so well for clients. When each item is labelled with an individual barcode, it can easily be tracked through the R3-Online system with many benefits.

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Expert Functionality

R3-Online was developed in partnership by software specialists working with some of the leading recycling organisations, meaning it is essentially designed for the Furniture and WEEE recycling industry, by the industry. This is reflected in all aspects of the system's functionality, including the specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Contact Information Storage
  • Collection Management
  • Donor Letter Production
  • Stock management
  • Sales
  • Invoice production
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Live Reporting

As the data is already being tracked through the R3-Online system, performance reporting is available at the simple click of a button. Some of the reports available include:

  • Driver Collection/Delivery Sheets
  • Sales Summary
  • Items Sold by Category
  • Van Usage/Capacity Comparison
  • Items Collected by Category
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Donators List
  • Items Sold by Time Span and Location
  • Items Delivered/Collected by Postcode
  • Items Collected by Time and Location
  • Scrap Yard Report
  • WEEE Reporting
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Clients of R3-Online receive full training on the software, to ensure that all of their employees and volunteers know how to use the functionality appropriate to their role and can begin benefiting from this straight away.

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Dummy System

Part of the training for R3-Online is to make a dummy system available, so users can get up to speed with R3-Online functionality prior to using the live system – helping everyone to feel confident from day one.

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Smooth Implementation

Whether you have existing systems which need migrating to R3-Online or you need a system to be set up from scratch, the knowledgeable R3-Online team keep this process fast and pain free.

Jon EllardFergus ReidAndrew StewartNikki Stasyszyn

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Your organisation has an identity and your R3-Online system will be tailored to reflect this through the addition of your logo and corporate colours. Invoices and donor letters can also be fully customised.

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Works under all common computer systems

The R3-Online team ensure that the software is fully compatible with the technology you have in place, technology you move to and is always there to ensure that your system functions correctly.

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Support accessing funding and special offers

Our clients are often able to access funding to support the implementation of their systems, as an investment in making their organisation, systems and workers more efficient and more effective. To complement this, R3-Online has a special offer available, so your organisation can get even more for your money.

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Functionality being added to all the time

R3-Online clients benefit from having the software continuously upgraded, with new features frequently being added.

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